In the late 1950s, a dedicated group of skiers dreamed of a ski area in Libby.  That dream was realized in 1960 with the development of Turner Mountain Ski Area.  That fall, a rope tow and 20’x40’ warming shelter and snack bar  were constructed for use during that first season of operation.  Turner Mountain Ski Area has operated each winter since then, mostly run by volunteers.  The following summer of 1961 saw the construction of a mile long T-Bar to the summit of Turner Mountain.  The T-Bar was often referred to as:  “The longest T-Bar in North America”.  In the late 1990s another dedicated group of skiers envisioned replacing the T-Bar, which had been in operation nearly 40 years.  This vision was realized during the summer and fall of 2001 with the construction of a double chairlift to the summit.  The original warming shelter remained in service until 2005 at which time a 4000 sq ft. lodge was constructed.  Turner Mountain Ski Area continues to operate as the quintessential small town ski area, based on the same spirit of camaraderie, volunteerism, and desire for great alpine skiing on which it was started in the late ‘50s.  
Jake and Jini Jeresek, ca. 1980s.

Kootenai Winter Sports
Ski Education Foundation, Inc.

Turner Mountain Ski Area is an impressive operation that plays a vital role in our community.  Turner is manged by a volunteer-run non-profit 501(c)(3) organization called Kootenai Winter Sports Ski Education Foundation, Inc.  Turner draws visitors to the community during the winter months, which helps stimulate what is typically a quiet period for Libby's economy.  The mountain also provides recreation opportunities for locals and visitors alike at affordable prices.  The dedicated volunteers of Turner Mountain have accomplished incredible things through hard work, responsible management, and the support of locals and generous donations from people and organizations both in and out of the community.  

As a volunteer-based non-profit organization, Turner Mountain relies on generous donations from people like you to assist in its efforts to keep the mountain running and continue to provide fantastic winter recreation opportunities in Northwest Montana.
Kootenai Winter Sports Ski
Education Foundation, Inc.
Bruce Zwang, President
P.O. Box 210
Libby, Montana 59923
(406) 293-8326

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